Strategetic Supplier List:

Supplier Code    Mainly products

CNVSA000002 Metal seat ball valve, high temperature ball valve.

CNVSA000003 Large size metal seat gate valve, globe valve, check valve.

CNVSA000004 High pressure forged/casting gate valve, globe valve, check valve.



Important supplier list:

Supplier Code    Mainly products

CNVSA000001 PTFE lined butterfly valve, diaphragm valve, check valve, ball valve.

CNVSA000005 Butterfly valve, high temperature, Cryogenic service butterfly valve.

CNVSA000006 Famous in China Domestic market, special to supply GGC to Power station.

CNVSA000007 Focus to Cryogenic service ball valve, hold automatic low temp testing system.

CNVSA000008 Pump, Canned motor pump, Supper heat resistant type canned motor pump.