Nice Trade is import and export company, built in 2013, belongs to HUANQIU VALVE GROUP.

There are fourteen sub-branch factories in HUANQIU VALVE GROUP now, according to HUANQIU VALVE GROUP develop plan, Nice Trade is new face to show in front of clients for group export and import business, and collect possible products resource inside and outside group, help clients to find good and more competitive products resource.

Nice Trade Company focus in Valves sales Area, Product scope is following:

  • Special valves: High performance Ball Valve, Control valves - Reduce Temperature & Pressure Control Valve, Eccentric Half Ball Valve, Special Powerstation High pressure & Temperature Valves, Large Size Butterfly Valves, PTFE lining Ball & Butterfly valve, Breath valve etc.

  • Widely used valves: Gate valve, Globe valve, Check valve, Triple offsets butterfly valve, Double offsets butterfly valve, Floating ball valve, Trunnion ball valve.

  • Other valves: Needle valves, Filter, etc

There are two special and professional teams to support us:

  • HUANQIU VALVE GROUP Quality Control Team,

  • HUANQIU VALVE GROUP Technology Control Team.

They have enough experience to develop and control products quality.

Nice trade is special company in Huanqiu valve group company's, it supplier's source is not just foucs in Huanqiu valve subbranch factory, it funtion is to help client to collect more good valve or pump resources, to finish big scope products purchase working.

Valves resource: We have a lot!              Different class resource: We hold it!
Products quality: We can control it!          Delivery time: We will make it fast!


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