The 5th Electric power industry-power station valves standard committee meeting

At the invitation of Huanqiu valve group, the 5th session of the electric power industry power station valve Standardization Committee of 2015 and standard of review is held on Oct 14 to 17 of 2015, in Oubei town , Yongjia country of Zhejiang province. From 24 units of the national electric power group, electric power design institute, valve manufacturing enterprises, scientific research institutions and colleges and universities and other more than 30 standardization technology committee members, on behalf of members and invited experts attended the meeting.

The meeting of the power industry revised standards for the <<high temperature and high pressure valve technology conditions>>, <<the selection of power station valve guide>>, <<the technical guide for thermal power generation>> and <<the use, acceptance criteria of normal steel valve for thermal power plant >> into the review. All members, experts review and discuss the formation of a consensus opinion. The standard drafting group revised and improved standards draft according to the evaluation of the reviews, send this draft to related government department to approve.

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2015年10月31日 00:00