Steam jacket flame arrester pressure relief valve

>>Specification & structure


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>>Design solution: Optimize design parts


1. Modular constructure

* Modular constructure design make more options for client, all unit can be assmeble as per different

  condition, like Pressure relief valve, Vaccum relief valve, Pressure/Vaccum relief valve, Flame

  Arrester etc.

* The Flame Arrester, Inlet Pipe, Steam Jacket, Blowing Hole, Lining or Humidity Absorber are options;

2. Cushioned air structure

* Cushioned air structure include Guide stem, Plate, Diaphragm, Seal Gasket Cover, there is one

  U-Shape groove, provide one spring space for gasket. Valve seat is shape edge, and make good

  seal effort.

* 1 Guide stem, 2 Plate, 3 Diaphragm, 4 Valve seat

3. Special wave Anti-Fire element design

* Special wave Anti-Fire element design part include Core and Shell, Core is made by two very thin plate

  steel. Core Structure is shown in figure, medium past from small and thin flow port, and transfer the

  engery to core & shell, medium temperature will be down, will anti fire's burn after pass flow port, and

  keep contaniner's safe.

>>Produce facilities



>>Quality control: Material inspection and test


>>Quality control: Dimensions inspection


>>Quality control: Product function test


             Performance test                              Flow rating test                                Set pressure check

* Performance Test: can test Pressure/Vacuum relief valve and Emergency PV relief valve, size: 2"~24"

* Flow rating test: Test valve flow rating at set pressure

* Set pressure check: Mainly check set pressure, set vacuum, Seal pressure test.

>>Key Person: Engineer


* Work for this products: 10 years
* Work in our company: 5 years

* Attention for Purchase order: For purchase products calculate datasheet, please contact us freely.

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