Forging Steel Hard Seal Ball Valve

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>>Product optimize design: Analysis

1. Triple Seal Structure

* O Ring Seal

* Stainless Steel + Wound Spiral Soft Graphite Gasket Seal

* Metal to Metal Seal Structure

2. Professional Anti-Fire Structure

* After Burned, Soft Seat is burned, and Spring push Metal Seat move ahead, pressure Soft Graphite seal ring to Ball

* Spring material is Inconel X750, It is work well in high working temperature.

* Big Metal Seat seal surface, and make sure the seal effort.     

3. Stem Anti-Blown Structure

* Stem design in Anti-Blow out structure, even stem is broken at head position.

* There is one PTFE Gland Gasket between Stem and body, it is good for Seal between Stem and body, and it is one good low torque Bearing bushing.

4. Ball Anti-Explode Structure

* There is one hold in Ball head, and it is good transfer pipe between pipe line and Ball valve up room, it can release Ball valve up room pressure to pipeline easily. 

5. Special Wearable & Hard Surface Treatment

* Use high velocity oxygen fuel spray technology, Spray Chromium carbide on Inconel 718 Basis(or A182-F6a, as per working condition) surface, Surface hardness can be 68-72HRC, Working Temp can be 600℃

* Use PVD technology, Welding STL Alloy on the SS Surface, and ENP CrN on the surface with PVD technology, and surface hardness can be 1500HV, friction rating: 0.2, Surface thickness:1~3 μm, Working Temp: 320℃

* Use CVD technology, ENP TiAlN on the Welding STL surface of Steel material with CVD technology, and surface hardness:2200 ~2500HV, friction rating: 0.07~0.3, Surface thickness:1~3 μm, Working Temp: 320℃~800℃

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