Energy storage lip seal HP BFV produce process

>>Specification & structure


>>Valves show


>>Parts show


>>Design solution


1. Energy storage lip seal structure

  • Energy SLS structure can make seal effort excellence, whatever medium direction, lip can seal flow with disc tightly.

  • Energy storage lip can compensate temperature or pressure is changing in big scope.

2. Special Anti-Fire design

  • PTFE insert Metal seal ring inside, PTFE as first seal ring in normally working.

  • When PTFE is burned, disc surface will touch metal seal ring, and metal ring will be backup seal ring.

  • In Normally working, metal seal ring don't touch disc surface, and valve torque will be control so exactly.

>>Produce facilities



>>Quality control: Material inspection and test


     *PMI & Metallographic analysis                         *Hardness & Impact                                    *Tensile Testing

>>Quality control: Dimensions inspection


          *PCD dimension check                       *Face to face dimension check                          *Screw holes check

>>Quality control: Valve seal test


                * Shell testing                                           *Seal testing                                               *Air seal testing

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